brand development

Grocery startup Marcellus Foods needed a brand that would stand out in a hyper-competitive industry while staying true to its closely held values. We helped them create the brand that perfectly expressed their (very unique) value proposition, and the right words for the new category they’re creating: fresh prep grocery.        

Brand discovery session   
The Marcellus Foods founder team was full of expertise and ideas from their years of work in the industry. We helped express, organize, and those ideas and insights in our brand discovery session, giving everyone a better sense of what the brand (and company) was than they’d ever had before.   

Three phone screens displaying logo options for Marcellus Foods branding.

Logo & branding
The Marcellus team places deep value in being a part of its community—no matter how big they grow. Drawing inspiration from the old-fashioned, neighborhood dry goods store with a dash of Italian design, we designed logo options that expressed this warmth while lending themselves to all aspects of the in-store and digital experience, from signage and packaging to a website and app. The final version incorporates a hand-drawn touch to the full logo, a strong logo mark, and a retro color palette with a contrasting pop of blue, balancing nostalgia and modernity.                

Branding assets for Marcellus Foods, a grocery ecommerce brand.

Messaging strategy & style guide
In their tone of voice and messaging as well as their visual style, it was important for Marcellus to be warm and approachable—after all, their solution is predicated on making dinner time easier and more enjoyable. With that in mind, we created a brand manifesto, mission, vision, values and messaging for Marcellus Foods’ three core audiences, as well as their brand tagline: “Groceries made for meals.”                 

But don’t take it from us…

“Rory and Allison created such a comprehensive and welcoming process, we felt incredibly supported the entire time. They were always understanding and accepting of our questions and feedback. We wound up creating a brand that feels completely true to our vision, goals, and ambitions for the kind of company we want to build, and we couldn’t have done it without them!”

Eve Cohen, Co-Founder, Marcellus Foods