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A child seriously plays with fake food in a toy kitchen.

Great Recruiting During the Great Reshuffling: Hiring Tips for Emerging CPG Brands

Nothing keeps a startup founder awake at night like wondering who’s going to do all the work that didn’t exist the day before.

Unbranded consumer packaged goods arrayed in a pattern, including a jar of tomato sauce, a bag of lentils, cans, and pasta.

Food & Beverage Trends to Watch in 2022

We asked a food startup expert which trends are taking center stage in 2022—and which are leaving the limelight.

Rows of white jars in a grid with one blue jar.

Money, Fast & Slow: Funding Philosophies for Early-Stage Companies

A glance at the headlines may leave founders with the perception that “everything’s getting funded.” But this isn’t really true—and if it were, it wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing.

Unpackaged granola bars in a diagonal pattern.

How to Market a Better-for-You Snack Product: 5 lessons for emerging brands

The better-for-you snack market is booming—but crowded. We learn from founders Nadine Habayeb of Bohana and Veronica Lehman of Pure Organic about what other entrepreneurs in this space can do to connect with buyers and consumers and develop stand-out brands.

A tongue-in-cheek PowerPoint template slide that reads "CLICK TO ADD TITLE."

How to Make a PowerPoint That Doesn’t Suck (Part 1)

PowerPoint. Land of inadvertent drop shadows and that particular shade of blue found only in hospital scrubs and Microsoft office templates. We have to wonder if, back in 1987, its creators had any idea just what kind of monster they’d unleashed.

Two brown eggs in a carton with funny faces drawn on them.

The 5 Mistakes CPG Companies Make When Building Innovation

Working with both large CPG companies and emerging brands, we’ve seen the best—and worst—of both worlds. Startups are often vaunted for their scrappiness and agility, but large organizations have their own set of strengths: deep resources, vast experience, and established processes. So why is it that large CPGs struggle to create true innovation, and why do they so often fail?