We’re not eating any less, but we have more options in exactly how we purchase, prepare and consume our daily bread. With so much competition—not just with other products in the category, but with other ways of feeding our appetites—go-to-market strategy for food startups needs to be razor-sharp.

A food product jar with a label reading "Look It's a food product!"

bringing a food product to market

As a food marketing agency, our expertise is not just in creative execution, but also in shaping go-to-market strategy for startups and emerging brands in the food & beverage and food tech industries. Knowing how to market a food product (or a related technology) starts with defining your audience, your value proposition and your brand story, mapping the buyer journey and then creating the supporting creative assets, sales materials and digital marketing strategy. 

We believe in honing in on a specific target, crafting specific messaging, and then having the courage to stay the course. Do that, and you’re already ahead of most of your competitors.

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go-to-market strategy for startups

The G&T Brand Accelerator equips early stage food & beverage brands with the strategic branding and marketing they need to go to market with confidence. Here’s how it works:

Create the brand
What makes you, you? We start by leading an interactive brand discovery session with you and your core team members to hone in on the essence of your brand, as compared to your competitive set. The outcome is a brand story, values, mission and vision that feel true to you. From there we create the messaging strategy and the “fun stuff”—the logo, look and feel, visual style, package design, and tone of voice. It’s here you see your product come to life. 

Lay the marketing groundwork
Now you’re ready to do business. Here’s where we establish a polished and professional digital presence and create the tools you need to sell: developing a photography style that aligns with your brand, building your website (ecommerce enabled as needed), creating a social media strategy to raise brand awareness and gather a fan base, and honing your foodservice and retail sales materials. 

Develop the funnel 
Once the tools are in place, we create the scalable digital marketing program for generating profitable sales. This includes creative as well as execution for digital marketing across paid search, paid social, and email, as well as exploring partnership opportunities. If you’re selling on Amazon or via other third parties, we’ll create and optimize those listings as well.

A press release page headlined "I AM A PRESS RELEASE."

PR for food & beverage

Don’t take it from me—take it from an unbiased third party writing in a trusted outlet. Such is the power of earned media. Savvy PR can help with you raise brand awareness, generate sales and build legitimacy among retailers and B2B decision-makers, as well as raising your profile and your website’s SEO rankings. 

Our strategic approach to PR for food & beverage and food tech brands reaches both consumers and trade. It’s not just about generating quick press hits, but laying the groundwork to seize on timely opportunities, pitch culturally relevant story ideas, create press releases and “cheat sheets” that make reporters’ lives easier, and nurture long-term relationships with journalists and editors.