photography & video

When you’re selling food and beverage, it has to look good. Period.

Our experience in the editorial and agency worlds—working with both culinary icons and big CPGs—means we know how to produce photography and video content that is both visually stunning and narratively powerful.

food photography

Taking a food photo is easy. Taking a good food photo is not. A still photograph becomes the fastest representation of your brand to your potential customer, especially in today’s hyper-visual culture. We create product and application photography that not only looks beautiful and delicious, but also aligns with your brand, strategically and conceptually. 

We create food photography that shows the world your product and how to use it, but also your values and the value to the customer—whether they’re feeding their family, running a restaurant kitchen or stocking their grocery store shelves. These are then ready to represent your brand everywhere it shows up, from your website to your sales materials to your social media channels. 

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video production

We believe that video content should convey a sense of place, mood and brand that is distinctly you. We start with understanding the goal and the definition of success, whether that’s to make consumers aware of your difference, shift a narrative around your product category, or engage a new demographic. 

Be it short-form recipe clips for your social media feed or an in-depth piece showing customers where your products come from, we take care of all aspects of production, from concept to finished video. We’ll also help stretch your video content investment as far as possible by producing multiple pieces of content from one example (for example, short clips for social media, written content from interviews, and still photography).  From identifying influencer partners to concepting to execution, we can create stand-out video content at any level of complexity and budget.