brand development & website


Hospitality Innovations, a startup in hospitality tech, was creating innovative solutions to streamline the laborious and tedious tasks of ordering and inventory management, informed by their firsthand experience back-of-house. They needed a brand that would immediately resonate with the busy chefs and restaurant suppliers they wanted to help.

Brand discovery session   
You know what you have to offer is different—but you need the right words for why. Our deep dive with the three founders helped us get to the core of the Hospitality Innovations difference, how the technology worked, their core values as a company, and how all that would translate to a memorable brand.                               

Logo options for Hospitality Innovations branding on three phone screens.

Logo & branding   
From our discovery session, we explored three distinct logo and style directions which we discussed and refined with the team. We landed on the shield-like logo mark with elements fitted together like a well-made machine; a color palette of bold red, black, and the professional kitchen’s stainless steel; and the tagline “Ordering. Inventory. Easy.”     

Pages from Hospitality Innovations branding and style guide.

Messaging strategy & style guide   
We then defined Hospitality Innovation’s brand voice, photography style, mission, vision, value proposition and messages for their core audiences, centered around two words: direct and real. (No pictures of wood cutting boards here.) Not only did this pave the way for all other brand assets, it also helped align the team on how to go out and sell.                

Computer desktop showing home page for Hospitality Innovations website design.

The groundwork in place, we created the Hospitality Innovations website, including copywriting, design, layout and programming: a professional presence that would quickly connect with their target audience of no-nonsense foodservice professionals.  

But don’t take it from us…

“G+T Creative put us light years ahead of how we think about and present our company, both internally and externally. Working with them was enjoyable, professional, and left us with a brand that we are incredibly proud of!”
Anthony Simasek, Founder, Hospitality Innovations