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OUR WORK: Grocery Shopii

brand development, sales support & website

Inspired by a real problem they experienced as busy parents, Grocery Shopii is a grocery ecommerce solution that integrates meal planning with online grocery shopping. In order to gain an audience with grocery executives, the startup needed to clarify its value proposition and create sales and marketing support worthy of its innovative solutions. 

A grid of slides showing branding and style guide for Grocery Shopii

Brand discovery session   
We led the small team through a half-day session to get to the root of their mission and value proposition, compared to their competitive set.                 

Messaging strategy
From these findings, we developed a messaging strategy segmented by the company’s three main target audiences (retailers, brands and software partners), defining primary and secondary messaging and supporting reasons to believe.                                   

Brand development
We helped bring Grocery Shopii’s brand and style to a new level of sophistication, including a refined logo, look and feel, imagery style, tagline, and brand voice.                

Desktop screen showing website home page banner with an array of fruits and vegetables.

Finally, we designed a fresh, modern website that immediately connected the value of the product to the needs of its target audience and encouraged users to schedule a demo.

Sales support
In preparation for upcoming meetings, we created a new presentation template, sales deck and sell sheets to tell the Grocery Shopii story clearly and concisely.  

But don’t take it from us…

“At a pivotal point in our growth, G+T helped refine our messaging and value proposition so that we had a powerful story to bring to target buyers. Concise, impactful and professional, their work on our website and marketing materials helped position us as a modern grocery tech company. 

The G+T team was great to work with, bringing insights from both a creative and food industry perspective that helped bring our brand to the next level.”

Louise Pritchard, Chief Growth Officer, Grocery Shopii