OUR WORK: Blue Moose

Package Design

Blue Moose came to us for a redesign of their entire line of hummus, salsas, and dips as they expanded their distribution to become a truly national brand. We designed labels that were modern and ingredient-forward, emphasizing the quality of the product inside and helping Blue Moose stand out in the crowded hummus and dips category.

Brand discovery session   
Our brand discovery session revealed the key differentiators of the brand: the high-quality ingredients and cold pressure pasteurization method that preserved their nutritional integrity. It also revealed the main priorities for the visual look of the new packaging: to evolve past the moose character on their original label, and to nod to the “hidden treasure” aspect of finding their brand in stores like Costco.

We created new messaging and label copy touting the brand’s unique cold pressure pasteurization process and all-natural attributes, with the new tagline “naturally delicious dips.” Short, snappy label copy help reinforce the customer’s feeling of stumbling upon a hidden gem.

Package Design
We created an eye-catching label concept that puts the ingredients first, with a subtle oil paint texture adding an artistic touch to stand out among more sleek and minimal brands. We also introduced a bright and inviting new color palette and incorporated a slightly distressed font as a nod to Blue Moose scrappy ethos.

We then executed this design treatment across the brand’s 40+ SKUs, taking care to differentiate between product categories (hummus, cheese, dairy-free). The result was a complete line of new labels sold in Costco, Publix, Safeway, Kroger and other national retailers.              

A before after shot of Blue Moose Organic Hummus package design